Before contacting us please consider if your band fits what ATMF actually is (if you don’t know us please check this page).

We like bands playing quality music with a strong imagery and identity above all.

Ask yourself what are your artistic goals. Rather than thinking what ATMF can do for you or your band, reflect on what you or your band can do for ATMF.

Do you actively support us by buying at our eShop, spreading our news on the social media, attend the gigs of our bands and so forth ?

If the answer is yes, then you’re welcome to send in your promo material. Otherwise you can try anyway, but we cannot guarantee anything for sure either ways.

We try to listen to everything. If we find it interesting we will be contacting you.

We do not accept promos attached to emails (like zip, rar or mp3. Those ones will be automatically discarded as spam).

You can only send us a link to where you have uploaded the files such as MegaUpload, Sendthisfile, MySpace or other streaming service etc.

We get too many physical promos, so therefore we stopped accepting them. Make sure to present yourself when you’ll be contacting us.

We absolutely do not accept anything in the vein of the south american style retro black/thrash/punk metal trend

Email: erilar[at]

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