ATMF and all its connected labels are not just labels, but a part of a wide cultural outlet called “FRONTIERA DELL’ESSERE”  which purpose is the promotion of art and culture in every form.

FRONTIERA DELL’ESSERE” activity ranges from recorded music to live performances, art installations, publications, book presentations, meetings, conferences and so forth.

We encourage you to check “FRONTIERA DELL’ESSERE” homepage (coming soon) to get a better idea of the whole picture.

Currently “FRONTIERA DELL’ESSERE” is supported an composed by


each one independently organized but collaborating together as a system to promote a different way of thinking, acting, promoting and enjoying art.

The aim is to share culture, opinions, views and spiritual awareness in a world we don’t recognize as authentic, to shape the world that we want for us, and for every other individual akin to our activities.

ATMF and FRONTIERA DELL’ESSERE  are strictly NO-PROFIT entities, all people involved in ATMF is volunteering and working for free, all funds are intended to fund continuously new releases, there is only one way to support all we stand for, buy from our eShop, share our news on every social media and spread the word of mouth.

ATMF eShop ownership and processing will soon be handled by ULTRASERVICES LTD more infos


purpose is to produce and promote extreme music distinguishing from the black mass that compose the majority of an hypocritical scene with quality, attitude, ideological and musical approach.

ATMF is not and will never be a politicized label or a tool of political propaganda.

ATMF rejects in the most resolute way the nowadays trend that wants extreme music as an empty tool of mediocrity and business trying to dismantle its deepest meanings.

Therefore we totally support any extreme idea if supported by musical quality and seriousness. Extreme music can’t be judged neither divided from extreme attitude.

ATMF refuses to deal with individuals and/or organizations and companies acting with a selective censorship by choosing the pathway of politically correctness.

Those ones are the first and only individuals acting as politicians by accepting inoffensive clichés and promoting lifeless art.

ATMF will NEVER issue any statement of any sort such as the ones issued by many bands/labels/organizations frightened by such arrogant judges of morals.

There is no room for discussion nor compromise that can be accepted involving such dishonest attitude.

All ATMF‘s bands share common visions standing against the modern world

a world of wretched ruins

Life is like a bow and the soul like an arrow,
the target being aimed at is the Supreme Spirit

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