Hailing from Chile, LASCAR is back with their sophomore release, “Saudade”, an album that moves exactly along the lines of its illustrious predecessor (“Absence”, 2016), underlining once again the band’s naturalistic approach – masterfully represented by the pictorial artwork – and marking a perfect syncretism of those feelings of loss, fragility and desperation that have always been LASCAR’s trademark.

Their emotional post-black metal offers a unique interpretation of the apparent conflict on the naturalistic experience. The “Saudade” implies a sense of abandon and a nostalgic mourning manifested within an artistic environment.

Modernity as an appetite for destruction of all natural forms of existence, and the unavoidable emotive fallout that follows.

Release date : September 15th, 2017 on Cd format by A Sad Sadnes Song, LP edition (limited edition too) by Thronemaster rec. (some units will be available for Preorder on early September).


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