The Loom of Time is a novel blend of black metal, death metal and doom – music that constantly forges forward, but keeps its roots in the unassailable heritage of rock and heavy metal. In a world of passionless, formulaic music, Loom gives us a glimpse of what metal might have been had the genre progressed without leaving behind the grit, fire, depth and creativity that today’s trend-chasers never seemed to grasp. Some people may recall shadings of the early Marduk saga or references as Immortal, Emperor, tempered with Candlemass doom epic & Angel Witch feeling, creates a sound that keeps the soul of heavy metal intact, whilst stepping forward musically and lyrically – facing the questions that confront mankind, that may never truly be answered.
The band is a perfect example of the ATMF attitude, innovative but rooted to the past, moving forward and forging new classics.

The first step of the cooperation will be the release in cd format of their impressive debut album “NihilReich” in October 2016.

theloomoftime_nihilreichCd, 2016

1. The Ashes of Your Fall          06:39
2. The Pinnacle of Hypocrisy 04:40
3. The Cries of the Weak 05:32
4. The Greed of Lesser Men 05:24
5. The Peons of the Cosmos 06:42
6. The Fight for the Subhuman 05:21

Total Running Time:   34:18

Digital preview / sale:





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