A somber deviant art , a macabre gloomy obsession is where Ascalapha.
Like spider webs growing in the dark, the immortal myth of the vampire lord grows back a new epigone, shaping dark melodies in a new novel to be untold.
Ascalapha perfectly represents the solitary aesthetic of the echoing corridors, evocative halls.
References can be made to early Neige (Alcest) project Mortifera and Celestia, or more in general the nostalgic and melancholic french
Staying within the low-fi art expression Ascalapha’s creation sets a story to be heard alone from the light of modernity, a miserable and
conscious attraction to the death bell.
Let the blood cry spill every last drop of hope.

“Somber Vampyric Night” will be released in an A5 Digipack format edition on June 7th, 2024


Eu distribution : Handled by Season of Mist
UK & USA distribution : handled by Season of Mist USA
Digital Distribution: Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube, Soundcloud, Tidal+++

Bandcamp preview / Digital sale :

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