Moving the first steps into the Daughters of Sophia realm is
apparently peaceful descent into a dimension of meditative solitude,
where few calm blinking soon get into dying, melancholic lights.
Song after song, step after step the listener comes more into empathy
with the sad story of dissolution of dreams, expectations, hope that
covers perfectly represent the transformation of the will into a
Like a lost soul in a beautiful and cruel world, like the 9
protagonists of each and every song, you can join this dark trip to a
vision where tragedy, sadness and melancholia owns the field.
Conceptually this album fits to the most intimate side of Japanese
culture, musically references can be made to instrumental Atmospheric
Post-Black Metal/Shoegaze/Ambient & soundscape stuff.
A Sad Sadness Song starts back steps from where his history roots, a
journey made of bands like Lantlos, An Autumn for Crippled Children,
Svarti Loghin, Falaise & Lascar…


  1. Mayaki 07:15
  2. Reina 05:48
  3. Merudi 07:55
  4. Elhaym 10:54
  5. Feena 07:52
  6. Lenneth 14:13
  7. Kyaro 04:57
  8. Schala 09:30
  9. Earisu 10:50
    total running time: 79:14 min

“ソフィアの娘たち” will be released in a 6-panels Digipak format on May 12th, 2023.

Preorder there:

Eu distribution : Handled by Season of Mist
UK & USA distribution : handled by Season of Mist USA & Plastic Head / Code7
Digital Distribution: Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube, Soundcloud, Tidal

Bandcamp preview / Digital sale :

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