A cold dark matter where new wave memories fall into a distorted
depressive black metal soundscape. A lamentation rising from a vacuum
of hopes, to drow into an ocean of sadness .
An abrasive background collapsing to an abyss of borken expectations.
This is there Lifeless dwells. The band hailing from Norway and
Australia are there to let their melancholic trip shake your soul from
the early days dreams moving fast to the most unpleasant projections,
until the final embrace.

1. …and One 05:21
2. Beyond the Horizon 04:19
3. I Am God 06:28
4. The Forest Whispers My Name 04:32
5. All More One 04:54
6. Cleansing an Exhausted Soul 03:49
7. After Me – Ashes 05:08
8. From Cradle to the Grave 05:55
9. Hate and Pain 03:52

Total Running Time 44:18 min

“From Cradle to the grave” will be released in a 4-panel Digipack format on May 12th, 2023.

bandcamp page with previews:


Preorder there:

Eu distribution : Handled by Season of Mist
UK & USA distribution : handled by Season of Mist USA & Plastic Head / Code7
Digital Distribution: Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube, Soundcloud, Tidal

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