SSS012 SVÄRTA – Sepultus


Cd, 2015

An adrenaline rush, an outburst of rage broken by darkly peaceful moments is where Sepultus manifest the personality of this act from Sweden. The melodic lines are buried into an apparently chaotic aggression able to overwhelm the listener, surrounding the space in a growing maelstrom. Svarta does no simply draw a darkly persuasive form of aggression but translate also the obscure essence of the avantgardish mood of band like Ved Buens Ende, Dodheimsgard “Satanic Art” era in a dynamic form.  In the extreme coexistence of those elements mid tempo are mostly banned from the horizon. A no  compromise attitude aesthetic made of black & white contrasts that emphasizes a peculiar perception & feeling that slowly arouse the listener, an equilibrium made by the opposites.

1.           Bråddjupets Kall (06:30)
2.            Hädanfärdens Sigill (8:36)
3.            Gift (3:46)
4.            Våndans Högborg (8:50)
5.            Förruttnelsens Ljuva Nektar (5:31)
6.            Det Sublima Lidandet (8:10)

Total running-time: 41:24

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