Svarti Loghin
“Drifting Through The Void”
Digipack CD, 2010

Goodbye, bitter cold and bitterer depression – hello, dazzling sunrise and spiraling bliss. Goodbye, black metal – hello, non-conformity. Although Svarti Loghin were never ones to follow, with newest album Drifting Through the Void, the enigmatic Swedes lead black metal to a glorious new dawn, setting fire to well-worn tropes, the now-meaningless clichés, and forge a path for the unknown, literally Drifting Through the Void. A wry view on negativity remains, but Svarti Loghin offer a more dynamic experience that beautifully integrates shoegaze and indie-rock and even alt-country. Bittersweetness was never so narcotic: lay back, bliss out, and experience Drifting Through the Void.

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