We’re proud to announce the signing of a new band which will become part of the ATMF’s roster: Tal’Set

Tal’Set are based in the city where the very headquarters of ATMF are, Triest.

Tal’Set‘s music embodies the spiritual and magical knowledge handed on through the teachings of ancient Mesoamerican shamans. Tal’Set‘s debut album is inspired by the enlightening books of Carlos Castaneda, who walked the path to total freedom suggested by the Toltec Legacy. In opposition to modern man’s values, Tal’Set‘s approach is centered on the personal development of the individual, who can aim at higher levels of transcendence only by impeccably battling his fears and destroying the bonds with mediocrity. Tal’Set‘s debut album will be called “La Via Del Guerriero” (the warrior’s path) and it is essentially an album about freedom achieved through willpower, set in the world of the Mexican “Brujos”.

“La Via Del Guerriero” will be released by ATMF in late Autumn/Winter 2011.

With a proud riffing that can remind the best moments of bands like Spite Extreme Wing, blending together extraordinarily well shamanic crescendos and powerful Italian singing and lyrics, Tal’Set are one of the most promising new acts since quite some years in the Italian scene.

A scene that is proving once more of being capable to find its unique way of shaping black metal by pushing forward solar and martial thematics as already done by acts like Spite Extreme Wing, JANVS and Absentia Lunae.

Not merely following foreign trends, but detaching from the usual black metal clichés, both visually and lyrically.

Tal’Set on social media: Myspace and Facebook




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