Huge improvements are coming from the Belle City Sound Company studio,
located in Racine, WI, where
Kommandant are about to finalize their new effort.
Having got the chance to hear some advanced material, we cannot overemphasize that this is going to become a classic for the band.
Everything, from the artwork, managed by Francesco Gemelli to the
powerful and professional sound and the dynamic arrangements, will
make this something remarkable for a scene weakened by lack of
inspiration and mannerism.
The modern age is an age of thorough explanations of everything; to
react and to move a step in front not to make any step back.
Rage and fury are in fact growing from the still strong roots of the
most ambitious, unconventional modern atavism.
The cataclysm and retaliation of societal passivism is about to fall upon your heads as a landslide.

The new Kommandant album is titled “Titan Hammer”.
Stay in touch for more details concerning available formats and release date.

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