ATMF is proud to announce the signing of a band that includes members who have contributed to and helped shape the history of the Norwegian and Italian Black Metal scene. According to Fuoco Cammina Con me, Hammerfilosofi was born out of the fiery will to bring Black Metal back to its ideological and musical roots:

“We are taking Black Metal back to its primeval and genuine meaning and purpose. Hammerfilosofi is the cleansing fire that aim to eradicate every trace of the civilised, the harmless, and the mediocre. It is an instrument to initiate a violent cathartic inner journey – and a celebration of strength and vigour, of terror and strife, and of glorious death.”

Hammerfilosofi´s debut album “The Desolate One” will be unleashed upon mankind in September 2023, and the listener can expect nothing but incendiary Black Metal Fanaticism! Or in the words of Noktifer:

“Guided by His luminous Darkness – Hammerfilosofi was born and created. “The Desolate One” is our first offering to the world, and mark the beginning of our journey. It is a ceremonious depiction of the sulphurous path that may turn man into superman. Hopefully our work can contribute to Black Metal once again being both Feared and Revered!”

Visit Hammerfilosofi´s website here:
Track previews will be released during the months to come. The album will be released on CD, vinyl and digital formats, along with accompanying merchandise.


Fuoco Cammina Con Me

More is to come!

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