De Tenebrarum Principio, the house of the primordial, uncompromised Black metal, the spear going deep into the flesh of the sacred land is proudly printing on Digipak the new album “Svartr Sól” by Swedish Black metal SEID and the highly acclaimed predecessor “Ulv”.
References can be made to early Satyricon, Isvind, Enslaved and Darkthrone.
Let the Black Flame burn again and consume the sky..

DTP043 Seid – Svartr Sól

The horn only sounds for a moment before Ægir’s combined power erupts in a storm. The production on “Svartr Sól” reminds the abysmal howls from “Darkness Shall Fall” but the overall work seems to be a little rougher produced. The songs are aggressive and fast but don’t lose their spirit. The howls become cavernous this time but are occasionally accompanied by clean vocals. Seid will definitely remain in existence for the next few years and will always create powerful and monumental Black Metal. May the flame never stop flickering.

“Svartr Sól” will be released in a 4 panels Digipak on January 19th, 2024.


  1. Call of Ægir 04:34
  2. Svartr sól 07:32
  3. The Great Flame Rises 04:40
  4. Windows Everywhere 05:41
  5. The Vessel 03:31
  6. Fimm þrír sex fimbul dauði 08:13
    Total Running Time : 34:11

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DTP042 Seid – Ulv CD

“From the capital of Sweden, a thunderstorm is rolling towards us that brings arctic cold and a huge storm” – Undergrounded.
Ulv will continue the norse saga, where Darkness Shall Fall has ended.
Seiðr has written again a magnificent monument of black metal music.
The whole album is dedicated to his first born son.
This isn’t merely a musical journey, it´s also a huge step to self-transcendence. but still deliver a vehement norse black metal attack.

This music is a cold scream in the expanding cold void journey of the predominant northern nature…

“Ulvl” will be released in a 4 panels Digipak on January 19th, 2024.


Side A

  1. Monolith 06:34 Show lyrics
  2. Spider in the Web of Urd 03:58 Show lyrics
  3. To Stain the Fields of Vigridir 04:04 Show lyrics
  4. A Gift to the Wanderer 05:18 Show lyrics
  5. Magnum Tenebris Die Conversion 04:46
  6. Ulv 05:16 Show lyrics
  7. Odal Lands 06:11 Show lyrics
  8. Visa från Wotanmyra 03:17
    Total Running Time: 39:24

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UK & USA distribution : handled by Season of Mist USA & Code7





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