Dated 2012, a piece of history of the Atmospheric Black Metal wave will be finally pressed on a gatefold LP format.
Through the year Lustre has been rightfully recognized by most of the followers as a point of reference in shaping the guidelines of a majestic vision inspired by the northern nature.
Crystalized beauty, intense and frail background atmospheres create dense layers of powerful visions. By the meany considered as a classic for the band ATMF & De Tenebrarum Principio are proud to repress, for the first time on this format, a piece of their past roster’s release history.

Part 1 12:52
Part 2 11:04
Part 3 08:22
Part 4 07:56
Total running time: 40:14 min

Limited editions will be printed as follows:
300 copies in Regular Black
100 Copies in White

Release date : April 17th, 2020

Preorders down there:

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