The Swedish & Norwegian combo is back, this time involving singer Stein Akslen (Blodsgard, Minneriket, Vakslen, V0id&Khaos) together with formed member Ulf Kveldulfsson, with an album able to evoke the epic aurea of the early ’90.
All fans into early Borknagar & Ulver stuff will find strong references to the northern hemisphere inspired music.
Like walking in front of a majestic scenario AERA accompany the listener to an Epic journey where echoes of past glories and myths play a dominant role.

1. Skaldens Død 05:40
2. Frost Within 08:52
3. Rite of Odin 07:06
4. Profetien 06:20
5. Join Me Tomorrow 08:38
6. Norrøn Magi 06:16

Total running time: 42:52

Release date : January 25th 2019

Bandcamp 2 songs audio preview:

Cd edition can be preordered at the new ATMF & I VOIDHANGER Records official eshop METAL ODYSSEY @


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