DEVLSY is a collaboration of four individuals from Vilnius, Lithuania.
Born around 2011 as an attempt in merging black metal and shoegaze,
Devlsy’s musical approach and style quickly developed into something
truly original and unique even by post-black metal standards, thanks
to a clever blend of low-tuned guitars with various sorts of harsh
vocals and – most importantly – the characteristic “singing” distorted
bass. The debut album “A Parade of States” was brewed following such a
recipe, and can be described as a journey into the internal workings
and uneasiness of a distorted mind. The upcoming sophomore release, fixed for early October,
appropriately titled “Private Suite“, is an invitation to go deeper
and make further steps into DEVLSY’s incredible stylistic maze. Come
enter if you dare, and explore the multiple hidden chambers of their
very special post-black metal private suite. The song “Bring My Word”
features guest vocals by Dave Ed from the mighty Neurosis.

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