Moving the steps from the Deathspell Omega’s classics Cruxifiction draws an even more morbid and truly metal ambience, glorifying the adversary.

The sickest melodic tunes of the French religious black metal wave rejoin the truly metal essence in some ways reminding the magnificence of the Greek scene old stuff, as the almighty Rotting Christ. All praise the fall !   

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01 – Haunting Hypocrisy 6:50 [audio:|titles=Haunting Hypocrisy]

02 – The Coming 7:03 [audio:|titles=The Coming]

03 – The New Messiah 5:53 [audio:|titles=The New Messiah]

04 – Death is the only Way 7:17 [audio:|titles=Death Is The Only Way]

05 – Silent Traitor 05:15 [audio:|titles=Silent Traitor]

06 – Burn on a Cross 4:40 [audio:|titles=Burn On A Cross]

07 – I’ll Bless You 5:56 [audio:|titles=I’ll Bless You]

Total running time 42:58


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