Coil Commemorate Enslave signed under our banner.


Band was founded on 2008, and can be easily considered an eminent example of how deeply introspective can be Italian depressive black metal, where prime movers was Forgotten Tomb.
“L’infinita vanità del tutto” is the sum of Coil Commemorate Enslave first 5 years of developments, moving from the obscurantism of black metal guilty to the consciousness of how futile positive feelings are for the cathartic artistic goal. Mid-paced melodies and struggling feelings are alternated with the blackness of the BM rush.
Lyrically and conceptually inspired by artists like Leopardi, Lucrezio, Cioran & Schopenhauer, they will draw a connection between the consciousness of mal-de-vivre, the spiritual dogmatism refusal and heroic pessimism.

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