The world is burning like a flash in the pan, fake ideologies , pro life rituals of any kind, nothing that concerns the core of our organization.

ATMF is not running upon today’s scene, roster is going to be reviewed to adjust to our natural affiliation to the hateful ideology that burns the flame of Black Metal.  

We willl start looking back further, instead of moving in front of today’s confused and histerical human egocentrism.

This is the reason why forthcoming releases will be all connected to the notorious CULT editions , future ATMF releases will deal with those artist not involved on the decadent scene of today.
No compromise will be toletared.

Black Metal was born as a blaze to make pathetic human beings to suffer and to transcend from the dark side of things, not to seek for a futile freedom on the futile human existence.

Death, spite and hatred still rule down there.

Future releases will be:

Profanum – Flowers of Our Black Misanthropy (Ltd Digipak & LP) November 2020

Forgotten Woods – The Curse of Mankind(LP)
December 2020

Disiplin – Disiplin (Ltd Digipak)
Disiplin – Anti-Life (Ltd Digipak)
March 2021

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