EXHIBITION OF CONQUEST is an abrupt departure from the undeviating approach of Titan Hammer; a sojourn into the psyche and Genesis of the band’s original historical concepts, yet realized as a contemporary manifestation. It has been a time for reflection, and time for pause, to energize and gather weapons, planning the next strike.
This true form of Black art is dangerous and intoxicating, a fist in the face of God.
EXHIBITION OF CONQUEST provides a path of escape, to those lost within the current insufferable and nauseating state of extreme music.
This new chapter of the American band is not merely a furtherance of their usual brutal approach . This version has been sharpend to form a Rising Storm of frostbitten icy landscapes, that satiate the seeker of truth.
Once again, all artwork has been created by Francesco Gemelli (Darkspace, Spite Extreme Wing, Forgotten Woods, Abigor…).
Kommandant returns to record all audio at Belle City Sound, in Racine ,WI.


  1. Reborn Into Violence 4:52
  2. Arsenal 5:11
  3. Zweikampf 5:37
  4. The Standard 6:13
  5. Exhibition of Conquest 5:24

    Total running time 27:17

EXHIBITION OF CONQUEST will be released in a Digipack format edition on July 19th, 2024.

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Digital Distribution: Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube, Soundcloud, Tidal+++

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