Hammerfilosofi was formed in the year MMXX in the midst of global chaos, shutdowns, death, panic and pestilence. For some, a time of
despair and mass hysteria, but for others, a time of solitude, of contemplation and of inner strength.

The idea behind the band, according to Fuoco Cammina Con Me was quite simple:

“We are taking Black Metal back to its primeval and genuine meaning and purpose. Hammerfilosofi is the cleansing fire that aims to eradicate every trace of the civilized, the harmless, and the mediocre. It is an instrument to initiate a violent cathartic inner journey – and a celebration of strength and vigor, of terror and strife, and of glorious death.”

Two years later, Hammerfilosofi is ready to unleash its first offering to the world: A 45 minute long incendiary feast of Black Metal
Fanaticism, entitled “The Desolate One”. Moving in between putrescent graves, collective hypnosis and dreams like deserts. The new creature
rises from the ashes of the old, casting aside the shackles of stagnation and degeneration, making itself into a fire burning every remnant of the humiliated mourners and their ideals, moving ever forward as a vessel of liberatory renewal. According to Noktifer, the album is a musical and lyrical celebration of the path to godhood.

“It is a ceremonious depiction of the sulphurous path that may turn man into superman. Hopefully our work can contribute to Black Metal
once again being both Feared and Revered!”

May the centuries fall into a rusted Orthodox Black Metal narrative, where the industrial reminiscences are flowing like a silent torrent into the underworld. References can be made to the industrial infected Black Metal of bands like Mysticum or latest Craft, still painted pitch black like early Mayhem and Darkthrone.

This is Black Metal from the fertile earth of the graveyard – made for the wanderer who dares walk the path of no return – guided by nothing
but His luminous darkness.

“The Desolate One” will be released on September 22nd, 2023 on a 6 panel digipak format and later on November on a Gatefold Lp edition, with a limited press to 300 copies, of which 100 in bone colour.


1)  The Torch  5:48
2)  The Crossed Bones  6:50
3)  Odi Profanum Vulgus et Arceo  4:35
4)   The Sickle 8:26
5)   Abyssal Season 8:23
6)  The Skull  10:29

total running time:  44 min 31 sec

LP Tracklist:


1)  The Torch  5:48
2)  The Crossed Bones  6:50
3)  Odi Profanum Vulgus et Arceo  4:35
4)   The Sickle 8:26


1)   Abyssal Season 8:23
2)   The Skull  10:29

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