This is The Loom of Time unleashed! Ferociously creative, wildly varied, their sophomore “Grand False Karass” is a seamless melding of classic black, death and doom, woven through with a scathing critique of human axiomatic beliefs, challenging us to bolster them against looming nihilistic oblivion.

There was a time when a daring attitude was the norm, and this stays for The Loom Of Time, references like Arcturus or Solefald, where nowadays everything sounds too comfortable “Grand False Karass” moves its steps to terra incognita. Or may we say this is an improbable ménage a trois between Immortal, Mastodon and Cathedral? The Devil is obviously laughing at us all. Come rehearse dashing oneself against the rocks of cognitive dissonance, to come away steeled and strong, all the while on a delve through the depths of classic extreme metal.

  1. The Depths of Hell Itself 6:38
  2. The Choices of an Automaton 4:55
  3. The Luxury of Ignorance 5:52
  4. The Shoulders of Giants 4:29
  5. The Age of Expansionism 5:39
  6. The Crux of our Salvation 4:49
  7. The Cancer of Excess 4:30
  8. The Lance of Longinus 5:31
  9. The Slightest of Deaths 3:31

Total Running Time 45:54

Fixed release date: September 30th, 2022

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