Digipak, 2016

Too often raw Black Metal has been associated to ambitious conceptual horizons. Too often the first impression has been disappointed by a lack of integrity.

The Titaan project proposes a merging guise of a concept dealing with the ancient Mesopotamic culture  and a musical experience transcending the occult black metal feelings with ambient and noisy shadings.
The same concept of black metal patterns are melted into an evolving flux drowned into the abyss of an ancient abysmal culture.
Conceptually speaking as explained by the mysterious Titaan mastermind: “From the deeper and most ancient past of the Mesopotamic Culture, those who live heavens and subsoils, Gods and Demons, fight one against the other to reach the Eternity, sustaining the entire balance of the Universe; spreading their ancestral message to the mankind through Lalartu, the Greatest Herald, the one who is the Spectre Essence, the Mask Carrier of Fecundity, the Traveller of the Heavens Gate Kadingir, Itinerant Spirit of the Twelfth Planet.
Amongst the outermost loneliness, the emptiness and spiritual dismay, the ancient and secret forbidden language with the unpronounceable name, will guide you throughout an introspective and emotional journey across Occult and Ancient Connections, Esoterically and Rituals Boundings, Cosmogony and Cosmology, Universe and Earth, where the Highest and Heavenly Angers, the Strongest Energies which reign the semisphere of the Underworld, will arise through the darkest and deepest sensations of the Self and the Soul, of the Everything and the Nothing.”


Digital Preview / Sale:


  • 1) Apsu  – 4:23
  • 2) Nis Ilim Zakaru – 7:49
  • 3) Anur – 3:06
  • 4) Titaan – 4:42
  • 5) Itima – 2:44
  • 6) Sabitu – 1:27
  • 7) Sebet Babi – 4:22
  • 8) Magururnuabzu – 1:44
  • 9) Kingu – 0:32
  • 10) Kadingir – 5:42
  • 11) Utukagaba – 1:41
  • 12) Azag – 1:56
  • 13) Peta Babkama Luruba  Anaku – 6:04
  • 14) Erset La Tari – 5:00
  • 15) Kuan – 5:42
  • 16) Nibiru – 12:00

Total length 68:15




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