Absentia Lunae
“Historia Nobis Assentietur”
CD, 2009

 Coming after the immense display of transcended hate of “In Umbrarum Imperii Gloria” the third album of the Italian Warlike Black Metal Squadron is a new campaign driven against the mere understanding of corporal death.

The massive killing capacity on the drums has been improved by the involvement in the line-up of ex-BELPHEGOR touring member drummer Blastphemer and the dark-ambient, drone and electro genius MZ, mastermind of LOCUS MORTIS, URNA & ARCANA COELESTIA. This bloody unity has created a remarkable album for everyone into unique and personal Extreme and Hateful Black Metal .

The result is a new opus of thundering monumentality were Extreme Avantgarde Black metal is forged in a new cruel form, tightly intended to crush the wall of time. A new dimension will raise from the ashes, washed by blood and the powerful resurgence will be a new expanding gleam in the immanent void, the road back home once again discovered, an assumption through violent conquest and degradation of our modern mask.


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