“Iter Ad Lucem”
CD, 2009

¬†Esoteric Funeral Doom with immense expressive strength, Iter ad Lucem is another tome of antiquity, where haunting guitar lines drown the listener in a new oppressive and visionary dimension. Masterful avant-gardish attitude is strongly manifested on the drone and mystic ambient madness, manipulated sounds and sinister sepulchral recalls, featuring guest appearance by ritual noise overlord Eidvlon The concept is based on the aeons’ doctrine and the initiation path. If “Sepulcrum” has been receipt by the underground as one of the most innovative and fresh post-black metal funeral doom act this new one will raise their name between those of the most personal and innovative acts, another milestone from the LOCUS MORTIS & ARCANA COELESTIA mastermind MZ.

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