Absentia Lunare are currently recording their forthcoming new album Vorwärts. You can check the cover artwork above. Release date is not set yet.

We’ve asked the band about the album and this is what they have to say:

Musically speaking, we have chosen a different approach and pushed forward the harsh industrial contaminations with some new interesting collaborations, we don’t want to say much more at this very moment.

If Historia Nobis Assentieur was a violent catharsis of our inner self, a Nietzschean storm that left nothing but a scenario of ruins, Vorwärts is one step ahead: the sound of the horn to reach higher fields, leaving the wreckage of the past behind.

Vorwärts tries to merge the spirit of Italian Futurism, the last great artistic movement of the 20th Century, with immortal symbols and messages from different times and places: truth knows no boundaries. Our new logo is a re-interpretation of Yukio Mishima‘s Tatenokai, also known as “Shield Society“, not only a symbol of spiritual resistance but an active opposition against the modern decay. We could call this approach “Archeofuturism” but our will is to go way beyond over it, since Vorwärts represents what we’re actively pursuing in our lives.

We’re building the world under the shape of our blade and we’ll retake everything.

Resurgat Aurora !

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