“Into The Realm Of The Occult”


Cd, 2013

Arvas from Norway featuring ex-members of early constellations of Gorgoroth, Koldbrann & Ancient bring forth the spontaneity of the early years and the musical skills of the most professional acts.

Band was mainly a one man act since 1993, under the name of Örth, having some different line-up changes, amongst the ones who was involved as session members: Erik Brødreskift (GRIM) from x Immortal & Gorgoroth & Borknagard & Ares from Aeternus, x Gorgoroth and Immortal. March 2013 Arvas joined in on DEICIDE’s east-euro leg of their End Of The World tour..

The second opus of the band’s career is moving from the darkest and most aggressively evocative black metal visions taking the sound to a personal interpretation of the typically Norwegian atmosphere. Including 3 live tracks as bonus.



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